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Garter belt is a piece of history

The garter belt has a long and stormy history dating back to the 14th century, when both women and men wore long and thick socks that needed to be held under the knee and fastened with a buckle. This pattern was more or less successfully reproduced over the centuries. The real breakthrough came only in the 1920s with the introduction of mass production of stockings made of artificial silk. The stockings - delicate and thin, reaching high above the thighs also needed to be supported and it was then that this extremely intimate and sensual part of women's underwear, the garter belt, was invented. The main purpose of the belt was and is to hold the stockings in such a way that they remain perfectly stretched on the leg and at the same time allow freedom of movement. Originally bras, suspenders and garters were combined into one whole. Another version of underwear was a girdle belt, modelling at the same time the abdomen and hips. It was not until 1950 that a girdle belt with metal frogs was created, reminding us of this part of women's underwear today.

Garter belt with high condition

The garter belt made a stunning career in the 1950s. The high condition garter belt modeled the silhouette and supported stockings from a completely new fabric - nylon and polyester. With the advent of the fashion for mini skirts in the 1960s, the time of popularity of stockings and waistband passed, to be reborn today with completely new tasks.

Garter belt in many colours, white and with metal frogs

The times when lingerie was only functional are long gone. A modern woman buys lingerie, even if it is as sophisticated as a garter belt, not only to protect her body and intimate places. Above all, she is supposed to feel the greatest pleasure of having original and unique lingerie. It is supposed to model a perfect figure, like a high garter belt or emphasize its best features. Elegant lingerie gives a woman a sense of femininity and uniqueness. The white garter belt blends wonderfully with the rest of the white underwear and contrasts with tanned skin. The high condition garter belt slims the waist and hips. Gone are the days when a woman had only a garter belt with metal frogs at her disposal. The modern garter belt is sensual and adds sex appeal to a woman, while at the same time reminding her of the best sex features in every movement.

Garter belts - how to wear ? 

Garter belts are worn every day and on special occasions. The garter belt is high, with metal frogs with a silicone finish does not damage the garter and is comfortable to wear even all day long. The number of frogs evenly stretching the stockings is important here. The high condition garter belt keeps the underwear in an ideal position and does not cause it to move, while modeling the hips. Evening garter belts are a perfect complement to the lingerie set. The garter belt in white or black, but also in other colours, blends in with the character of the evening outfit, and at the same time makes even the most complicated dress look perfect.
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