Coquette store stockings are a type of lingerie that have a decorative lace or mesh top. Usually reaching above the knee, up to mid-thigh. They are...

Coquette store stockings are a type of lingerie that have a decorative lace or mesh top. Usually reaching above the knee, up to mid-thigh. They are often worn as part of erotic lingerie, but can also be worn as an accessory to an elegant outfit when you want to add a more sensual touch. Belt stockings are usually attached with special garter belts that hold them in place, or be self-supporting. They can be made of a variety of materials, including nylon, silk or satin, and lace can have different designs and embellishments. The stockings offered on the kokietki website include a wide selection, colors, models and designs of stockings.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 150 items

Women's lingerie, stockings and stilettos are what Cockapoos like best!

The Kokietki online store was established in 2010 out of a passion for beautiful stilettos and seductive women's lingerie. For more than 13 years we have been presenting you the latest models of women's shoes. In the store we have available platform shoes, classic women's stilettos, over-the-knee boots, as well as other women's shoes including pumps and half-shoes. Our offer is constantly evolving, we are introducing new models and cuts that respond to current fashion trends. It is not only footwear that is in high demand in our online store. We also offer a wide selection of women's underwear, among which you will find both elegant hosiery, stockings , women's tights and sexy nightwear, and among them you can choose a nightgown, seamed stockings or a set of women's underwear.

Since the beginning, we have focused on seductive and feminine cuts that will charm each of you. We believe that our offer will appeal to even the most demanding customers who want to emphasize their femininity, elegance and sensuality. We are proud of our passion, which we want to share with you by offering a wide selection of products that will help you express your unique personality and style. We invite you to take a look at our offer and wish you a successful shopping experience at our online store Kokietki!

Are you in the mood for new tights or maybe stilettos ?

In the offer of the online store you will find many models of hosiery. We also cooperate with Polish manufacturers. Polish manufacturers and brands follow fashion and the latest trends by creating it and offer striking women's tights and stockings including the most popular cabaret. We focus not only on the latest trends and models, but above all on the quality of the product. In the offer you will find classic tights of various thicknesses. Among the products we have a wide selection of colors and patterns. Functional tights that emphasize and enhance women's curves and slimming tights are models worth looking at. Tights "Open crouch", i.e. tights with an open crotch and a lace waistband are also very popular among customers. Moms-to-be can buy pregnancy tights from us in a wide range of colors and different thicknesses. The offer of the coquette store is equally extensive when it comes to women's stockings for belt and self-supporting. A wide range of colors and thicknesses allows you to choose the right color. We have also taken care of large sizes of pantyhose and large sizes from the plus line of stockings size, which allow you to choose the right size and product for each customer.

The perfect women's underwear and platform stilettos make a successful gift !

The perfect women's lingerie and platform stilettos are the perfect gift for any woman that is sure to fit her taste and needs. Such a gift will highlight the femininity, elegance and sensuality of the recipient. In our online store you will find a wide selection of women's lingerie, including sets, nightwear, bodysuits or garter belts, as well as various models of platform stilettos, which perfectly complement styling for different occasions. Over the years, we have expanded our offer with new products, including in clothing, such as nightwear. We work with reputable Polish brands, guaranteeing the high quality and fashionable design of our products. A wide range of articles from satin to more predatory imitation of eco leather, or wet look shirts allow you to choose the right model. In the store of coquettes you can also buy such products that cover the whole body, among them elastic bodystocking. Classic bodysuit, women's bathrobe or garter belt are also products for evening styling. It is also worth paying attention to the accessories that not one coquette likes so much. The underwear is elegantly packaged in the manufacturer's boxes and this also makes a great idea to please someone as a gift underwear. Such a gift is a great surprise for any occasion.

When the decision is difficult, choose platform shoes and cabaret stockings !

From the beginning of the establishment of the online store coquettes following the latest fashion news, we focus on striking eye-catching stylish shoes. Among the models we have a wide selection of stiletto glass platform shoes with a transparent platform. Sensual stilettos in the closet are one of the most important elements of styling. Properly selected will emphasize the overall shape of our image. Both summer shoes and those winter shoes should be properly selected. Platform shoes are a stylish and sensual piece of clothing that will help to emphasize femininity and add confidence. Our assortment includes a variety of models that are perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. Cabaret stockings are a classic accessory that has enjoyed enduring popularity for years. They harmonize with a variety of styles and add spice to any outfit. In our offer you will find a variety of designs and thicknesses, so every woman will be able to choose stockings to suit her needs and preferences. The offer of the coquette store is a veritable frenzy of models and designs and colors. In winter shoes, we focus primarily on a striking appearance, so among the shoes you will also find over-the-knee boots on a platform and high stiletto heel. To meet the expectations of our customers, we are one of the few stores that carry pins in large sizes. Among the models are stiletto shoes and platform shoes in different cuts. This makes it possible to choose a large size, with a very striking appearance. In the boutique you will find stiletto shoes for all seasons.

Men's underwear , shirts and men's thongs such things with delivery from Kokietka !

In the offer of our online store you will also find a wide selection of men's underwear. It will undoubtedly meet the expectations and tastes of every man. In the assortment we offer complete sets of men's underwear, thongs, boxers, briefs and men's shirts. Our products make the perfect gift for Men's Day or Valentine's Day, as well as a surprise for a loved one at any time. We care about the convenience and satisfaction of our customers, so we offer fast and discreet delivery of purchased products. We work with reputable manufacturers and brands, guaranteeing the high quality and fashionable design of our items. In the Kokietki store you will discover a wide range of men's underwear, perfect for a gift or as a way to express your own style and comfort. We are confident that our assortment will satisfy both men and their female partners, combining functionality with aesthetics and comfortable wear.

In the offer of the store Kokietki we also have tights for children and knee socks for girls !

We are expanding our offer to meet the expectations of our customers. As a result, you will also find products dedicated to children. We care about the comfort and style of our youngest customers, so we decided that children's products can be purchased from us on the coquettes website. A wide selection of items such as children's tights and girls' knee socks are among the many children's products offered. We work with Polish manufacturers, which guarantees the high quality and safety of our products. Children's tights are available in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing creative and fun styling for toddlers. Knee socks for girls are not only a practical accessory, but also a fashionable closet item that will work for both everyday and special occasions. The offered children's products are made of high-quality materials that provide comfort, durability and adequate flexibility, while being easy to care for. We make sure that tights and knee socks meet the expectations of even the most demanding parents and their children. In our store we take care of the whole family, also offering women's underwear, footwear. Visit us today and see for yourself that our offer will meet the expectations of every family member!

Nothing makes you happier than convenient and fast shopping with delivery on Kokietki website !

Take a look at the wide range of products in the coquette store at attractive prices and with many promotions. It is also worth taking advantage of the loyalty program. Our online store offer is constantly expanding not only with designs, colors, models of women's shoes, but also with new women's tights and stockings. Our advantage is the fast processing of your orders. You can pick up your orders at the parcel machine, as well as they are delivered by courier to your address. With a wide and secure selection of payment methods, you will be able to choose the best solution for you, and online shopping will become a pleasure. We have the offered goods in our warehouse, which is why we fulfill orders for you in such a fast time. We ship for you not only domestic orders delivered within Poland, but also shipments to many countries. The Kokietki online store is the place to come back for more shopping with delivery.