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Heeled flip-flops

Convenience, availability and the best models are the features that make our shop stand out from others. Offered ladies' flip-flops are the best proposal for the summer. Wide assortment provides almost unlimited choice. When browsing through the offer, you will surely choose something for yourself, because we also have funny flip-flops, as well as flip-flops on the platform, and so fashionable this season's cork flip-flops.

Ladies' flip-flops

Slippers are a very good choice for sore feet. Airy, providing comfort in hot weather like flip-flops on a cork, also suitable as a gift like funny flip-flops. There is something for everyone. Comfort of wearing is ensured by high quality materials, from which the flip flops on the cork are made. Thanks to this we are sure that we get a product that will serve a long time. Women's flat flip-flops are a respite for tired legs and are perfect for the beach, during holidays, and most of all every day, while the flip-flops on a pin, as well as the flip-flops on the platform will make the comfort go hand in hand with elegance. In our offer you will also find flip-flops with fur or pets such nice funny slippers suitable for a gift. Birthdays or holidays will no longer be a problem when buying it, because here are elegant flip-flops.


When going to a party, we need shoes that are comfortable and pretty, and at the same time emphasizing the styling by choosing between pins, sports shoes and ladies' flip-flops. For this purpose, heeled flip-flops or hoops are the best option. Their stability is an asset that other shoes do not have, and the variety of cuts will add chic to every woman. Another proposal are ridiculous animal flip-flops, improving every day's mood and forcing a smile. Furler, colours or finishes are eye-catching elements. Fashionable and good price are only additional advantages.

Pin flip flops

Vivid flip flop colours, as well as these pastel shades, will highlight your tan and attract the eyes of even the most bored man and it's not just about funny slippers. Then ladies' flip-flops are a cool solution. Evening outings will no longer be a problem because women's flip-flops don't peel or snap at your heel. And therefore, they are an irreplaceable part of the wardrobe. They are suitable for pants, dresses or shorts, for exits or every day become the most popular form of footwear. They reduce the time spent deciding, as well as should be adapted to the style or situation like swimming pool flip-flops. There will no longer be a choice between comfortable or pretty, because all this will be included in the women's flip-flops offered.

Wide and varied offer of our shop is the answer to the expectations and needs of customers. Women's flip-flops on anchors, pins, funny slippers, heeled flip-flops, with fur, or maybe these women's flip-flops ? In a variety of designs and colours, as well as the most varied cuts, there are these summer flip-flops, including pool flip-flops. All of them are made from materials that provide comfort and convenience. The competitive price encourages you to buy, so don't wait and choose something for yourself !!!