Cabrettes are one of the most popular women's tights. They are very popular regardless of the weather or season. They always look striking and very...

Cabrettes are one of the most popular women's tights. They are very popular regardless of the weather or season. They always look striking and very feminine. Holey tights emphasize beautiful female legs and add a touch of fantasy, which is why black cabaret tights in particular are so popularly worn as a complement to evening styling.

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Cabaret Pantyhose

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Showing 1 - 24 of 45 items

Cabaret tights are different sizes and types of mesh !

Women's cabaret tights are characterized by a variety of mesh sizes and many colors. Cabaret tights are made in elastic yarn of different thickness and weave. These types of tights also have different finishes on the pile part. Some have a cabaret pattern on the toes, while others have a reinforced toe part. In the offer of our store you can meet many models and cuts of cabaret tights. There are cabaret tights with tiny eyelets, which cover the legs in a very subtle way. This type of tights also used in everyday styling fits perfectly. Among the models there are cabaret tights with small eyelets then with medium and already completely large eyelets - these are the most popular designs. Depending on the situation and occasion, we wear tights with the size of the mesh so that they are more or less visible. Openwork tights are particularly popular because of their classic color. Cabaret tights also come in other colors. In addition to black cabaret tights, other colors are available, for example: beige cabaret tights or white cabaret tights. The flesh-colored cabarets are sometimes invisible on the body, as they blend in with the skin tone and this gives an amazing delicate effect. White cabaret tights are especially recommended as wedding tights, but also not only. White tights also match with delicate airy summer dresses. Black cabaret tights with cubic zirconias are in great demand because of the extra sparkle effect.

Are you familiar with tights imitating cabaret?

The store also offers tights that imitate the cabaret pattern. This is such an obvious combination that without first touching or looking really close, it's hard to figure out whether these are openwork cabaret tights or tights that imitate a cabaret pattern. Typical cabaret tights are openwork tights because they have no filling in the spaces between the eyelets. Tights that imitate a cabaret pattern are just the opposite of this. Here this filling is in the form of thinner yarn, which contrasts nicely with the mesh weave. Among such models, we have tights that have a small-mesh cabaret pattern, with a smooth black or flesh-colored tights in the background. This is a convenient solution especially when the weather outside the window plays tricks and we want to feel more comfortable.

Black cabaret - styling ?

Depending on the occasion, we wear openwork tights with different mesh sizes. They are more or less visible. Black cabaret tights are particularly popular because of their black color. Other colors such as: flesh-colored cabaret (or beige cabaret), or white cabaret tights are also very popular. They are an indispensable element in combination with dresses like little black. They are a styling classic with a delicate sensual look. Black tights with large eyelets, are often used in styling with jeans or shorts. You can meet black cabaret tights with zircons, which draw attention to themselves thanks to the sparkling stones. One could talk a lot about cabaret tights. It is always worth having your favorite cabaret tights in your closet and put them into your favorite styling.