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Choose tights from the Polish brand AMOUR.

Indulge your senses with AMOUR - a Polish manufacturer of women's tights and lingerie that are just what women and men crave. Unique, sensual and provocative, the products are made to seduce and inspire. AMOUR is not just fashion, it promises an adventure where every detail matters. When you choose AMOUR products you are betting on quality, innovation and sophistication. Everything is designed and manufactured in Poland, according to the highest EU standards recommends sensual tights and lingerie AMOUR !

At kokietki you will discover a unique collection, including discreet pantyhose with a hole and with an open step. These unique creations are perfectly tailored to your body, offering comfort and elegance while enhancing your boldness and sex appeal.

With these tights, discover the true Cockette in you!

Don't delay! Discover in yourself a real coquette with AMOUR. At let yourself be carried away by the unparalleled styles and unlimited imagination of the Polish manufacturer. Exceptional women's tights with a hole and more, sensual lingerie, unique designs - all this is waiting for you to emphasize your uniqueness and give character to every moment.

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Showing 1 - 28 of 28 items