Feel like going crazy and putting on new tights - bet on patterned tights. Patterned tights are underwear that emphasize and expose a woman's beaut...

Feel like going crazy and putting on new tights - bet on patterned tights. Patterned tights are underwear that emphasize and expose a woman's beautiful legs. Patterned tights are always a great choice.

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Patterned tights

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Showing 1 - 24 of 269 items

It is worth choosing patterned tights!

Patterned tights are some of the most commonly purchased women's tights. Patterns are in abundance. Manufacturers are constantly outdoing themselves and introducing new models and patterns with interesting colors and cuts, following new fashion trends. Among patterned tights, tights with a small application at the ankle, imitating a tattoo, or in classic rhomboid club patterns imitating stockings, are particularly popular. Patterned tights have a very important function and especially in the selection of a suitable outfit, as the pattern emphasizes and adds charm and finishing touches to the whole styling.

Why exactly patterned tights?

Manufacturers are constantly outdoing each other, with new models of patterned tights. One of the most popular among patterns is the rhomboid pattern or checkered tights. Such rhomboid tights and checkered tights can be found most often in autumn and winter. These are some of the most popular tights this season. On the thicker about 60den - 80den check pattern, it looks very cool. It is especially popular in dark shades. You can also find colorful checkered tights. Then the checks have contrasting colors, such as red and black or graphite and black, which is also an interesting combination. So are the well-liked melange tights. Thin tights also often come in checks with smaller or larger mesh. Among patterned tights we can also find tights with small patterns located at the ankle or on the calf. Tights with a pattern in the ankle beautifully imitate a tattoo and look very impressive. Such a small application highlights the beauty of a woman's legs. An impressive element, which also appears in patterned tights, is a heart pattern, located at the ankle and on the calf. Heart tights also draw attention to themselves. They are one of the more popular tights especially as tights for Valentine's Day. Patterned tights can be of a very fancy design. Such tights are panther or zebra patterned tights. They imitate animal spots. It is common to find such spots in one color, where the difference is only in the thickness of the den of the tights. But also mottled tights are in contrasting shades. An example is black tights with pink spots. Mottled tights are also very popular among tights models. A pattern that has been encountered for many years is checkerboard, or checkerboard tights. Both large clear elements and delicate ones that very subtly highlight the tights are popular. It does not matter whether they are thick tights or thin tights. The pattern that is placed on them makes them draw attention to themselves. Dlath is why floral tights in particular are so popular. Floral tights with pronounced floral motifs, as well as those with a delicate pattern of flowers are just as interesting among the models. It is important that the tights appeal to the person wearing it have an interesting pattern that matches the overall styling.

What to wear patterned tights with?

As many tastes as many proposals, because we can wear patterned tights with many styles. It is a classic that patterned tights, first of all, should be worn with plain styling. Then these tights do not contrast, but draw attention to themselves and coolly blend into the whole. Patterned tights, depending on the thickness, we can wear with many clothes. An example is tights in leopard print, which very coolly match with a black skirt made of eco-leather, and a white classic shirt. Experimentally, too, we can meet on the catwalks / streets patterned tights worn with a patterned piece of clothing. In this case, it is already worth paying special attention to the selection of the right pattern. So that they gently complement each other, and not contrast with each other. Such a combination is tights having a small pattern in the ankle or calf, combined with a dress with a delicate texture or pattern. This makes that the patterns do not conflict with each other and nicely complement each other. The whole styling then looks very harmonious. Cockapoos like to experiment and go wild, so it is worth considering the right patterned tights for you. We can focus on classic black tights with a small pattern, or contrasting ones. For example: beige tights with a contrasting black pattern-such a model of tights in leopard print or checkered. As many tastes so many ideas. To choose the right styling for yourself, it is worth experimenting. And choose the models of tights that will appeal most and reflect our character.