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Disguises, costumes, inspiration!

Daily life usually assigns us specific, unchanging roles. We perform them every day, through the months and years that pass, looking for stability and security. But the bedroom is a completely different place. A place where we can let our imagination run wild and become exactly what we want! The sight of a partner in an erotic outfit ignites the senses of every guy. Then the introductory game begins. In our shop you can find disguises that will enrich your intimate moments with new, breathtaking experiences. We offer policewoman costumes and even have a bunny or stewardess. Here you will find many costumes and proposals. Not only for Halloween costumes, but also adult costumes and couple costumes.

A fancy stewardess and a couple disguise.

The introductory game is to stimulate the erotic imagination of the partners. Then hormones will be released in our bodies, which are responsible for preparing our bodies for joining in a love affair. The adult clothes guarantee their growth to the level perceptible under the skin surface. They will also liberate the deeply hidden layers of our fantasy, which we no longer suspect. If you have a carnival disguise, you should use a stewardess model. Imagine you approach a man sitting in an armchair as a tempting stewardess. You look at him seductively under the stewardess' eyelashes, hand him a drink. You ask him if he wants something else, leaning his hand against his shoulder with a gentle, caring movement. The guy will feel like a king at such a moment, and you can be sure that he won't even look at the drink he has brought, or he will make you drink it so that you can enjoy the view for as long as possible. It's a very hot start to the foreplay.

How about a maid's outfit?

Maids' outfit is another men's fantasy. If we live together for quite a long time, sometimes there is a natural conflict between the partners, concerning the amount of tidied up dishes and the garbage taken out. These are things that do not have to be taken deadly seriously at all. Usually each of us tries to solve them in our own way. Break the taboo of deadly seriousness floating around wiping the dust. Step into the room dressed in a challenging maid's outfit. That's the right costume for the moment. Even as a dressed up as a maid, if you do ordinary, boring duties, you can be absolutely sure that your guy will join you soon. Dressing up can awaken your senses, and a three-maid costume is an element that will make you want to. Cleaning up together will go faster, with such motivation.

If it's not the maids, the nurse's dress might help.

Laughter is health, so it is also worth using it literally - in the healing process and the costume. If your beloved is at home and is lying on a sofa under a mountain of blankets, on a battlefield made up of tissues - it is necessary to come to him for a consultation. Dressed in a tight suit, the nurse will lean over him, devoting her attention. The nurse's outfit will inspire you to start the foreplay and measure the temperature. Offer a gentle massage, as recommended by your doctor. There is no way that he will not recover from such a treatment at double the rate then the nurse's dress is just an inspiration to enrich the moment

Bunny and the cops or will they light up the senses?

Our costumes can also be used as fantastic carnival costumes. Sweet bunny is a classic Halloween disguise. Knocking on a cop's door will surely give a heart attack to the fierce opponents of this holiday. The policewoman's costume, on sight, arouses emotions. Perhaps in this perverse way we will even make them like this kind of surprises dressed up as policewomen. A policewoman's costume is also a type of disguise for a carnival, which we will easily throw off later. In the comfort of the home bedroom. Depending on whether we choose the costumes of a policewoman, a maid or surrounded by love in a bunny costume, it is important that it gives us satisfaction. The costumes are a great inspiration to start the introductory game.

A nun's costume is a gift for a hen party with a joke !

Dresses for couples is in turn an ingenious gift for a hen party. Surely the future bride will use it later ! Especially if we give her a nun's dress completed with a priest's disguise, thanks to which she will be able to play the saint even in moments of marital disputes. Carnival costumes are an assortment worth recommending for many occasions. It is worth letting go of your fantasy and serving a drink as a stewardess, once to be a bunny, and once to put on a policewoman's costume or a maid's costume, or a complete departure of a nun's stand. The choice of costumes is big so it is up to you.