Smooth women's stockings can be an attractive item of clothing for a coquette. Smooth stockings add sensuality and elegance to the legs, which is w...

Smooth women's stockings can be an attractive item of clothing for a coquette. Smooth stockings add sensuality and elegance to the legs, which is why the kokietki store has a wide selection of smooth women's stockings from Polish manufacturers. High-quality products offered in the store are very popular due to the wide range of colors, different thicknesses and finishes in the smooth stockings offered. Every coquette will be able to find and buy the most suitable smooth stockings for herself, without leaving home, choosing home delivery.

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Smooth stockings

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Showing 1 - 50 of 52 items

What's so great about plain stockings?

Women's smooth stockings are a type of women's underwear worn on the legs. The main feature is their elasticity, smoothness. They are worn on the legs and usually reach halfway up the thighs. How high we put on smooth stockings already depends on individual preferences. Stockings can be made of different materials, such as nylon, elastane, cotton or silk. Smooth women's stockings are designed for women of all ages. Smooth self-supporting stockings add elegance and sensuality, especially when worn in combination with other lingerie items, such as a corset or garter belt. Solid-colored stockings can serve as an extra layer of insulation in the colder months, protecting the legs from the cold. In the warmer months, they can help protect the legs from the sun. Smooth stockings are often worn even on those very warm days. Not only can they provide comfort and softness for the skin of the legs. They can also help reduce friction between the legs, which can be useful for larger people. As well as thin stockings worn on the legs optically tone the skin tone, so visually less conspicuous imperfections on the skin.

A story of longtime love for smooth women's stockings!

Smooth women's stockings gained popularity in the 20th century. After the invention of nylon by Wallace Carothersa in 1935, they became more popular and desirable for women. Nylon, which was cheaper and more durable than silk, revolutionized the production of stockings. During World War II, production of nylon stockings was temporarily halted to divert resources to the military. During this period, when products were hard to come by, women often imitated having stockings on their skin through various treatments. They were intended to give the impression that these stockings are on the legs after all. After the end of the war, women's stockings once again gained popularity and became a common closet item for many women. Smooth stockings emphasize the shapeliness of the legs and add elegance and sensuality by matching the right color. They can be worn with a variety of outfits and occasions, giving a woman a chic and confident look. Smooth stockings serve as an extra layer of insulation in the colder months. At that time, thicker plain stockings are recommended to protect the legs from the cold. In warmer months, they can help protect the legs from the sun and provide thermal comfort. Smooth stockings can provide comfort and softness for the skin of the legs. Women's stockings are available in a variety of sizes, colors, so that every Kokietka can find something for herself. Made of synthetic materials, the stockings are easy to care for, dry quickly and are resistant to creases and stains. So history has recorded in its memory the turbulent times when stockings were in demand, but in short supply. Nowadays, smooth stockings can be purchased without difficulty. In the store of coquettes you will find a wide range of smooth stockings.

Don't think twice about plain stockings, buy several pairs at the coquettes right away!

Buying several pairs of plain stockings at once has several advantages. By buying several pairs at once, you save time on future purchases. You don't have to search for the right stockings every time you need a new pair. They are at your fingertips and waiting in your closet. By buying several pairs of stockings at once, you can take advantage of attractive deals and save money on shipping costs. Having several pairs of plain self-supporting stockings, as well as those for the belt, allows you to change more often, which is especially useful when one pair gets damaged or dirty. You can always have a fresh pair in stock when needed. What's more, should it happen to let go of the eye in one stocking, having a second package in hand, you can use only one stocking. Then, in practice, the stockings will last longer. You will no longer make such a clever trick in the case of tights, because the two legs are connected to each other and it is impossible to use the one without an eyelet. So larger purchases are beneficial. Wearing and washing several pairs of stockings alternately means that each pair will wear out less quickly. This will keep the plain stockings looking good for longer and maintain their properties. When you have several pairs of plain stockings in stock, you reduce the risk of a situation where you don't have the right pair when you need them. By buying several pairs of plain stockings, you can choose different colors, thicknesses and types of sheen, so you'll have more variety in your closet. You can then match the stockings to different outfits and occasions. In this situation, buying more than one pair of stockings can be financially viable and cleverly used. Therefore, when buying 2 pairs of stockings, it is worth buying 2 of the same pair in the same model.

What is worth knowing about plain stockings?

The thickness of the stockings is measured in denier (den), which determines the density of the fibers used in the material. The most popular plain stockings are Very thin, transparent stockings ideal for warmer days or special occasions. They provide a lightweight, natural look in a thickness of 10-20 den. Medium-thick stockings from 20 to 40 denier, providing more strength than the very thin ones, but still with a natural look. They work well for everyday wear. Thicker stockings that offer more protection and warmth, as well as better durability. Ideal for colder days are smooth 40-60 den stockings or for those who want more coverage. Of course, there are still stockings with a thickness of more than 60 den. Probably they will be an excellent solution for women who like to wrap themselves in warmth. Smooth stockings are also popular because of the wider range of colors they come in. Among the colors of smooth stockings, beige is the most popular. A natural shade that mimics the color of the skin, making the legs look more slender and shapely. This color is universal and goes with most outfits. Most often used by women in the summer, when, despite the warm weather outside the window, ladies decide to wear smooth stockings. Also among the most popular smooth stockings for women are black smooth stockings. A classic color that adds elegance and sensuality. Black stockings are versatile and easily match different styles. You can also find different types of sheen in plain stockings. Stockings with a matte finish give a more discreet look and may be preferred for everyday wear or in situations where more subtle coverage is desired. Stockings with a delicate sheen, which add a little sparkle and elegance. They are more eye-catching than matte, but still not too flashy. Stockings with strong shine that draw the eye and add sensuality. Perfect for special occasions, parties or dates when you want to draw attention to yourself. Of course, stockings are also available in other colors and types of sheen, but beige and black stockings with a matte or soft sheen are the most popular among fans of shopping escapades.