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Ladies' pantyhose

The women's tights must meet the different needs of each lady. After all, tights are no less important than skirts or dresses. For every type of figure, not only universal cabarets, black tights - but also slimming tights, shaping the figure beautifully - are useful. For jackets and other uniforms, bodily tights are best suited. The fleshy tights gently emphasize the shapely legs and elegantly emphasize the professional image of the specialist. The tights shop also offers something for special occasions - cabarets. Fancy cabarets and pantyhose like stockings that add flavour to summer dresses, cocktail dresses and even peas and dotted tights. Fantasy helps in life and the image of a modern woman cannot be deprived of it. For the summer, stylists recommend even fancy dotted tights and a novelty in the coming season - pantyhose tights.

Slimming tights or maybe black tights ?

Also important are slimming tights, which can be thin, but still work properly on the figure. A stylistic hit proposed by stylists even slightly more mature ladies are now tights in patterns. They go perfectly with smooth, elegant dresses and skirts, giving the female image an individual character. Also stitched tights will be perfect as a variety of outfits.

Fingerless tights, cabaret tights, dotted tights

Colourful tights and toeless tights are also a success. Especially in combination with sandals. The idea is to show your legs in harmony with the rest of your outfit. If you are dealing with a neutral dress, skirt or jacket, patterned tights will not dominate. They will only gently emphasize a woman's personality. In such a situation, dot tights, tights without fingers or tights in peas will help to bring out a bit of joy and spontaneity from the whole creation. However, we should remember that patterned tights should not be worn to patterned creations.

Tights like stockings

In such a duet, tights imitating stockings or glossy tights are much better. The point is to keep a healthy moderation even in styling experiments. For brave ladies we recommend, for example, cabarets, black tights. Cabarets go well with very elegant evening dresses. Of course, if they want to be seen as having a touch of spice.

Shop with tights, black tights, body pantyhose...

The tights shop offers a selection of tights for every occasion. Our tights shop contains a full range of women's tights. Usually ladies buy them all at once, saving time and money and shopping in one place. This is why the large selection of tights offered by the tights shop is so important. There are many types of pantyhose: cabaret, slimming tights or classic matt tights. After all, women's wardrobe must also include fingerless tights, not just classic black tights or body pantyhose. They are useful for light, elegant shoes. Natural tights are a perfect match for official, official, business outfits. Fat tights are useful for heavier jackets and for evening walks. Thick black tights are often used as a substitute for leggings. They do not require the use of feet or knee socks of the cabaret type, which are not always easy to match. Then it is also worth thinking about the composition of cabaret tights, which will add spice to the style.