Belt stockings are women's underwear that arouse a lot of excitement and fascination. The wide selection of designs and colors offered by the Kokie...

Belt stockings are women's underwear that arouse a lot of excitement and fascination. The wide selection of designs and colors offered by the Kokietki online store gives you the opportunity to fulfill your fantasies and choose the right stockings for your belt. We also have a large selection of sizes. From small stockings for belt in size S to stockings for belt XL, XXL and XXXL. It's important that every Cochet find the right model for herself, so that she can meet her expectations.

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Belt stockings

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Showing 1 - 24 of 66 items

What are waist stockings?

Waist hosiery is a unique women's underwear. For years it has aroused a lot of excitement among female users and connoisseurs of stockings. Belt stockings are characterized by the fact that in order to wear them, it is necessary in addition to a garter belt, or special straps from other underwear, which, when fastened, will keep the stocking in the right tension. Then the frogs from the garter belt are clipped to the cuff, the purpose of which is to hold the stocking in the right place. The tension of such a stocking is also important. Particularly in smooth cuffs, a slight stretch is visible, which looks fantastic. Classic stockings have a leg that ends in the thigh area. The stocking can end just above the knee, in the middle of the thigh or very high at the crotch itself. It all depends on where we want to arrange and wear it. How we want to present a particular model. Classic stockings to the waist are usually associated with a smooth cuff, which is the upper end of the leg. Among the products there are also stockings that have a lace finish. The lace cuff is more striking and emphasizes the romantic style of the lingerie. Waist hosiery with lace trim is an exciting and very sexy solution for completing the style of the whole outfit.

For whom are stockings for the belt?

Belt stockings are women's underwear for every woman, regardless of age. Women like to feel confident and, in addition, look great. Therefore, waist stockings are an additional emphasis on the most beautiful feminine qualities. Unlike pantyhose, which are put on the whole legs, including the buttocks stockings give a certain freedom and lightness. Such underwear is preferred by ladies regardless of weather conditions, however, it is most popular in summer. Belt stockings do not wrap the buttocks, so it is cooler and more comfortable on hot days. Thin waist stockings are applicable here. Thickness in this case is important. On top of that, the striking appearance and emphasis on women's assets will make the look more sensual. It stimulates the senses. As a rule, the thinner the hosiery, the more invisible on the body and more often used in warm days. For colder days, we recommend stockings with a thicker structure or completely opaque stockings for the waist. We have many interesting models on offer. Belt stockings offered in the online store are a wide selection of colors and patterns, as well as thickness. Here you can find the right model for you. Classic beige waist stockings are almost a staple in every Kokietka's closet. When we want to add spice to our styling, it is worth considering a different color and choose red waist stockings. You will find many models that will satisfy the boldest expectations of connoisseurs of women's lingerie. Brides, to emphasize their appearance on this special day, often reach for classic white waist stockings. Such a finishing touch to the styling, combined with a garter belt, is almost a feast for the senses and to emphasize the look. The stockings are clipped to the straps of the corsets with the help of the frogs. It's also a glamorous solution that skips the need for a garter belt. All you need is a corset or bodysuit that has such straps with frogs and you already have a solution for how to locate the stockings.

Red belt stockings or beige belt stockings?

The choice is obvious, each of these models of stockings to the waist is suitable and depends only on the type of styling and our imagination. Belt stockings are a classic in a woman's closet. So loved in a wide pattern of colors, with the ability to choose the right size will make shopping in the online store of coquettes a pleasure. Choosing a model or color is an important matter, after all, everything must fit together. The offered products come primarily from Polish manufacturers. They are characterized by high quality workmanship, interesting design, elegant packaging and color variety. And most importantly, the choice of sizes from S to XXL will make it possible for every woman to choose the right product for herself. So the question of choosing between beige stockings and red waist stockings is just a matter of taste. Then you should consider white waist stockings or bet on classic black stockings.