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A corset - just the quintessence of femininity !!!

Nowadays, a corset has mainly an aesthetic function - it helps to slim the silhouette, narrows the waist, hides the defects on the belly and lifts the bust. Properly selected allows to optically deprive a woman of even a few centimeters at the waist and make her look as if she weighs less than real. It is an extremely sexy element of the wardrobe, which will be useful both as the bottom part of the evening dress as well as the bedroom outfit for a romantic night with a loved one.

A slimming corset, a lacing corset or maybe a modeling corset.

Corsets can be divided according to several criteria. First of all, because of the type of fastening (a corset with fastenings or hooks at the front, side or back, or a lacing corset), because of its use (e.g. modeling corset or slimming corset) or because of its size (traditional, which reaches from half of the hips under the bust, overlapping the breasts in the upper part or with cups). The lacing corset, but also the classic one can be reinforced with underwires on the back or front. The corsets can be made of a variety of materials - from more rigid and opaque to completely transparent, with light lace or mesh. . The size may vary depending on the manufacturer, e.g. Obsessive models range from S/M to XXL.

Slimming corset with a subtle curve ...

The corset is ideal for women who have problems with their spine. Not only the healing versions, but also those used on a daily basis, thanks to the appropriate arrangement relieve the muscles of the trailer and make it disappear with folds on the belly and want to hide this shortcoming. A specially shaped slimming corset is recommended here. They allow for a nice modelling of the waist and an optical shot of even several kilograms. Also ladies who want to return to their old figure as soon as possible after pregnancy can wear a modelling corset. Properly fitted to the figure supports the process of returning the body to its former appearance. It gently hides the protruding belly, which after the birth needs time to reduce its size and at the same time shapes the waist nicely.

Modeling corset to improve the figure

The modeling corset is also recommended for women who want to emphasize their bust advantage. It shapes appropriately abundant shapes, lifts and makes breasts look very sexy. With a smaller bust makes it optically increases the volume even by 2 numbers.

Obsessive is a corset for a skirt to dress and for many erotic situations.

Lingerie produced by Obsessive, among others, may appear as a skirt corset, for example. This element of the outfit is particularly suitable for folded skirts or pencil skirts. It perfectly emphasizes the waist and makes the bottom part of the outfit even more beautiful. Skirt corsets often have a specially shaped bottom edge to accentuate the cut even better. Dress corsets are often found, which can be worn both underneath and on top of the outfit. Many brides choose a corset for a wedding dress as an element that particularly emphasizes the waist and bust. Dress corsets are also popular with bridesmaids, ladies who are wedding guests or for other family or official occasions. Dress corsets designed for a company banquet, training or even for work, where a rigid dress code applies, should be properly matched to the figure as well as the situation and the type of outfit they are to join.

Corsets have their own story, also connected with men.

The corset is one of the items of clothing worn especially by ladies. Their original use was to stiffen the upper part of the body, narrow the waist as much as possible and expose the bust to make it look nice in a dress. Initially, the corsets were also used by men - as an aid to maintain a proper figure during horseback riding or to strengthen back muscles during hard work.