Stockings with a belt is a great idea for women's underwear. It can be called two-in-one. That is, we have a stocking that is connected at the same...

Stockings with a belt is a great idea for women's underwear. It can be called two-in-one. That is, we have a stocking that is connected at the same time with a garter belt. The whole creates one product in the form of stockings with a belt. In the online store of stockings with belt we have a wide selection of designs and models. Diversity among the offered lingerie is the basis for choosing the right product for you in terms of pattern or size. So, all you have to do is choose the right pattern and size to fulfill your pleasure of buying from the Kokietki online store.

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Stockings with a belt

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Showing 1 - 42 of 42 items

Stockings with a belt - what is it?

This is a great solution especially for the discerning. A great idea to enrich your closet with another type of lingerie for women, regardless of age or figure. We do not always feel like putting on classic stockings or do not have a garter belt. The solution then are stockings with a belt. This is such a two-in-one. Well, woven from homogeneous yarn women's underwear, which has stockings combined into one with a garter belt. This clever solution means that we don't have to own any other accessories to enjoy such fanatical lingerie. Colloquially used name garter stockings- stockings with a belt.

What kind of garter stockings to choose?

Garter stockings with belt in the online store Kokietki is a wide selection of designs and sizes. We have amazing designs that feature a variety of forms. From ornaments on stockings, to floral designs, to the classic mesh, or cabaret stockings with belt. Elastic yarn, from which stockings with belt are made, beautifully adapts to the shapes of the body, emphasizing its qualities. The online store offers many sizes to choose from. From sizes S/M to sizes XL/XXL. The selection will allow you to fit the right size for your needs, so that you feel comfortable and convenient. In the store's offer we not only have many fascinating designs, but also colors. From classic black stockings with belt, because red stockings with belt or classic beige stockings with belt. You can choose among the many models offered.

What to wear stockings with a belt with?

Here we are limited only by our imagination. So stimulating the senses, women's underwear is such an amazing element of a woman's closet. The question of matching the right design to the styling is already a very individual application. Stockings with a belt to a dress is a convenient solution. So is wearing them with shorts or other already more sophisticated evening styling. Here only our imagination can limit us to use such a cool and imaginative model. The stockings with a belt offered in the Kokietki online store come from Polish manufacturers, who value not only rich design, but also high quality workmanship and aesthetic packaging. You will find a variety of models, and the choice will make it a pure pleasure to complete your shopping. Therefore, also when planning gifts for a loved one, you should consider such stockings with a belt. This is really fascinating, stimulating the senses and sexy lingerie for women.