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Bodies lingerie

The times when the body was only identified with a kind of modeling lingerie are gone forever. Nowadays, an elegant women's body is a fashionable base for the initial styling. In combination with tight pants, it is ideal for parties with friends. A body shirt with a pencil skirt or cigarillos will be a perfect outfit for everyday work, and a lace body worn to both trousers and any skirt will be the perfect styling for a romantic dinner.

Lace body or maybe black body or long sleeve body ?

Every woman aware of her body should have a lace body in her wardrobe. Sensual look of this type of underwear allows you to feel even more attractive in your own skin than usual. Regardless of whether it is a classic black body or a predatory red body, its cut makes the woman wearing it able to emphasize all her assets and expose what arouses the greatest desire.

Body underwear to be worn not only in the bedroom

In the past, nobody would even think that putting on underwear as outerwear is acceptable in any way. Meanwhile, not only the special elegant body, but also the lace body underwear can look stylish in the right combination with the rest of the wardrobe. Contrary to appearances, it's not at all difficult to compose a style with a body for women in the lead role. On the contrary, they are a perfect base, which does not limit our possibilities. Properly selected white body can be worn even on a lofty gala ceremony. Simply attach a dark jacket to them. The black ladies' bodies, on the other hand, can be used in practically all circumstances, both at work and at a company party.

Women's lingerie bodies as a background styling hero

When buying dresses or blouses made of transparent, airy fabrics, we often have no idea what we will wear them with to feel comfortable with. Women's lace bodies are ideal for summer dresses and chiffon shirts. The delicate outline of the body with lace visible from the semi-transparent fabric perfectly balances class and sex appeal. Moreover, ladies do not have to limit themselves in the selection of matching colours. Lace bodies black underneath the dress in any other, even very bright shade will be as elegant as a combination of styles in uniform colours.

Slimming bodies

In our range, every lady will find exactly what she's looking for. We have women's bodies in many sizes and colours. No woman's wardrobe should miss such universal underwear as white, red and black bodies, which fit perfectly into almost any style, in combination with all colours and patterns.

Skirt and pants body for all seasons

The various cuts of body lingerie make it possible to wear it for styling in any temperature and weather outside. The long-sleeve bodysuit is suitable for independent styling on colder days. The shoulder or short-sleeve models, on the other hand, are best suited for spring and summer, with an optional sweater or jacket accessory.

Romantic lace body, black body or maybe you prefer white body?

Black lace bodies are the definition of sex appeal and charm, whether a woman wears them only in the bedroom or when leaving home. Pastel colours of this type of lingerie add charm to the whole figure and definitely take years away. White women's bodies, on the other hand, provide lightness of styling and are ideal both for official business outfits and in a loose, holiday look. Body to must - have every woman, regardless of age and type of silhouette. This type of lingerie is distinguished not only by its appearance but also by its functionality. It models the body perfectly, making it look attractive in any styling, and the lady wearing it can feel both charming and sexy.