The online stocking store offers a wide selection of self-supporting stockings. There are stockings with lace trim, as well as with a smooth cuff. ...

The online stocking store offers a wide selection of self-supporting stockings. There are stockings with lace trim, as well as with a smooth cuff. Colors ranging from flesh-colored self-supporting stockings, to classic black stockings, as well as remarkable red stockings will allow you to find for yourself the desired shade of color. You will also find white wedding self-supporting stockings and choose the right self-supporting stockings to match your dress. A wide selection of sizes from S to large sizes of the size plus line including xxl and xxxl self-supporting stockings. The products we offer come from Polish manufacturers. We have in the offer of the store self-supporting stockings Fiore, self-supporting stockings Adrian, as well as such brands as stockings from Obsessive or stockings from Livia Corsetti and CoFashion. Self-supporting stockings in the Kokietki online store are characterized by high quality workmanship, interesting colors and rich lace patterns and aesthetic packaging, so self-supporting stockings are also a great option as a gift.

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Self-supporting stockings

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Showing 1 - 24 of 58 items

Self-supporting stockings are a good choice!

Self-supporting stockings are women's underwear designed for women regardless of age or body shape. In the offer of the store with self-supporting stockings we have stockings from size s, up to large size plus. So both very slim ladies and those with Rubens shapes will choose a size to suit their needs with us. Every Cochet likes to feel beautiful no matter what size you are. So you can confidently choose from a wide range of self-supporting stockings xxl or even xxxl. Independently, whether there is a slim figure or there are curves, the right size is the basis when shopping. It is important that the choice of size is based on the exact measurement of those parts of the body that the size chart specifies. Each manufacturer has its own line with sizes. In view of this, sizes may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the values that determine whether a product is well suited to a woman's shape before making purchases.

What kind of self-supporting stockings does the online store Kokietki have?

Self-supporting stockings are characterized primarily by having a silicone self-supporting layer, which is located just below the cuff. The silicone self-supporting layer is one or two strips of silicone layer located on the inside of the cuff. Self-supporting stockings, thanks to this, allow you to place in the right place on the thigh. Then you do not need any additional garter belts for such a stocking to stick. This is a comfortable solution, especially when we do not want such stockings to mark us under quite close-fitting clothing. We have self-supporting stockings with different types of cuffs. One of the more popular is a lace cuff that finishes the top of the stocking. The lace cuff looks very nice, thus adding a more romantic touch to this women's underwear. Lace cuffs can be of different heights. Depending on what visual effect we want to achieve, we choose the appropriate height of lace. Lace in self-supporting stockings can be low, but also very high. The high lace ones are more visible, thus highlighting a woman's beautiful legs in a sensual way. Among the self-supporting stockings we also have models in which the cuff is plain. It does not have any additional patterns. It discreetly blends into a woman's thighs, while fulfilling its function. Among the wide range of products, the online store Kokietki has many shades of color. There are classic self-supporting beige stockings, self-supporting black stockings, as well as self-supporting flesh-colored stockings with red lace. When we want to go wild, it's worth choosing patterned self-supporting stockings. They are completely different and more eye-catching. To go wild from the classic combination of monochromatic lace and hosiery color, the store offers self-supporting flesh-colored stockings with red lace. This rather sharp combination with a claw will add a spicy look to our styling.

What to wear beige self-supporting stockings with?

We can wear self-supporting stockings with any style. Particularly popular is to wear a self-supporting stocking with a dress. A wide selection of colors and sizes offered in the online store kokietki will allow you to choose the right model and design of stockings for you. The most commonly worn are self-supporting stockings for evening creations. Black self-supporting stocking in a discreet, slightly mysterious way wraps beautiful female legs, emphasizing their qualities. This type of women's underwear is a good solution for any time of day or evening. Also brides, in order to emphasize their creation, on this most beautiful day decide to wear self-supporting wedding flesh-colored stockings. Self-supporting flesh-colored stockings with white lace look very nice. This is such a natural combination, where the color of a woman's legs is preserved, and the white lace is a delicate contrast. Then such self-supporting stockings for a wedding dress is a very practical solution, which is increasingly chosen by brides. Manufacturers are outdoing themselves, with new collections, new designs of lace models every now and then. However, on a daily basis, some of the more popular stockings are classic black self-supporting stockings or beige self-supporting stockings. Self-supporting stockings online store recommends this lingerie for each lady to feel even more beautiful.