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Showing 1 - 50 of 58 items

Ladies' boots

Timeless boots are the perfect choice for any occasion. It is the basis of women's wardrobe, not only in spring and autumn. Women's boots are one of the most fashionable accessories, which is characterized by exceptional comfort of use. Spring boots are an ideal choice that will provide us with the right measure of warmth, on still cold spring days. To introduce a breath of spring freshness into your wardrobe, it is worth to choose pastel colours and models decorated with flowers. They look great with light jeans and airy dresses. Spring boots in our offer refer to the style of the 70s, when shoes with sock-like uppers were exceptionally fashionable.

Heeled boots

The exceptionally elegant model is suede boots, which never go out of fashion. This is a classic choice that we can decide on when choosing a style for work. Suede boots with tassels are perfect for a style referring to the boho climate. Original boots without warming are typical for warmer days. They are light and practical shoes, which will perfectly match the spring trench tied at the waist. The boots without warming up look great both in a flat version and on a wide hook.

Openwork boots

In our shop's offer you will also find openwork boots, which we can wear at any time of the year, also in summer. We can put them on both jeans and short shorts. In the summer you can choose light pastel colours, for example beige. Whereas black openwork boots in the classic heeled version will give a unique chic to each creation.

Boots on a pin

The perfect choice for the party are fingerless boots. We can create many interesting styles with them. Models tied at the front or additionally decorated with sequins look great in combination with tight tubes. Fingerless boots on a pole will additionally slim our figure and add lightness to it. The heelless boots available in our offer are impressive models in Italian style. They provide pleasant ventilation, so we can feel fresh even after a whole day at work. Most often they are shoes on a low pin or a comfortable anchor. Heelless boots with open toes attract attention sexually presenting our foot.

Heeled boots

Black and smooth ankle boots in low heels are the best choice to feel fashionable at work. Stylish boots combined with elegant pants and a white shirt will give us a professional look while being very comfortable. Leather ankle boots are ideal for all fashion lovers.

Boots on a pole

To gently slim your calves, it is best to opt for ankle boots on a pole. They are definitely more comfortable than those on a thin pole, so a longer walk or shopping with friends will not be a problem. Ankle boots on a pole will not only emphasize our legs attractively, but will also give sensuality to the whole figure.
The ideal trouser boots are those that are kept in practical colors, for example in brown, black or fashionable grays. Trouser boots with higher and wider uppers can be worn with trousers recessed inside. Choosing models reaching to the ankle, we can roll up the leg and slightly expose the leg.

Black boots

Flat and tight skirt boots create a brilliant combination. To optically lengthen your legs, remember to choose the same shade of tights as our boots. To choose spring boots for a light and airy skirt, it's worth betting on wider uppers in pastel shades. In our offer you will find models that emphasize femininity and add confidence.