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Garters, whips or gloves a subtle accessory 

Women's underwear is not only about a variety of panties and bras. Our offer also includes a wide range of women's accessories, which include thigh bands, fancy erotic accessories and garters. Every woman can find here a unique accessory that not only pleases the eye, but is also functional. What are you looking for are thigh bands, whips, or maybe wedding garters or gloves that match your favourite set of erotic underwear? Then you've come to the right place. Our goal is to provide our customers with a diverse range made from the highest quality materials. With us you will find the best lingerie products at an affordable price.

Thigh bands against abrasion for this with a self-supporting layer ....

Painful abrasions on the legs are a problem that many women wearing XL size and larger have to deal with. To prevent this, we recommend aesthetically pleasing thigh bands. This is an accessory that makes women's legs look sexy. Thigh abrasion bands look like the upper, lace part of stockings, so they can undoubtedly be considered a sensual element of a woman's wardrobe. The bands for self-supporting thighs deserve special attention. They are an ideal solution for women who appreciate comfortable and universal accessories from the lingerie department.

Eye mask, handcuffs with fur, latex gloves - such things also exist!

In our shop's assortment there couldn't be no shortage of accessories, thanks to which the atmosphere in the bedroom becomes hot. Gadgets such as an eye mask and handcuffs allow to fulfill sublime erotic fantasies and prevent the routine, which affects many couples today. In the section with erotic accessories you can find great gifts for occasions such as hen parties and bachelor parties. We especially recommend colourful handcuffs with fur. Also whips deserve attention. Each of these items will be perfect both as an erotic gadget for your own use and as a gift for a colleague. Choosing a set of erotic underwear for yourself, it is worth to buy not only whips and handcuffs. Elegant gloves will be a perfect complement to the styling for a passionate evening. Our shop also offers latex gloves.

Garters - wedding garters an element of obligatory equipment of the bride and groom

Decorative, embroidered garters are a sexy accessory that can be used in every woman's closet. It's worth using them not only for the occasion of the proms. We offer wedding garters, which will be a sensational complement to the underwear chosen for this special day. We invite you to see our products, among which there are perfect garters for the wedding.

Thigh wristbands, handcuffs with fur, which accessories sell themselves?

Which accessories are most popular with our customers? Self-supporting thigh bands provide fluffy women with comfort in everyday life. Perhaps this is why they are one of our biggest hits. The most popular erotic accessories are an eye mask and handcuffs with fur. These are gadgets that stimulate the senses and imagination. We always recommend to match them with a whip and latex gloves. We must not forget about the popularity of wedding garters. We are happy every satisfied bride and groom who has chosen accessories from our shop for her wedding.