Smooth women's pantyhose Sava 15 den Fiore

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Smooth women's pantyhose Sava 15 den Fiore

Size of Tights / Stockings:2 3 4 5 6

Colour:Beige Ecru Mocca Tan Black Linen Grey White Light Natural Nude Cypria

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Women's tights are underwear used by one woman in her daily life. We can choose from many models, thicknesses, colours and types, and patterns of such personal lingerie. The lingerie shop offers smooth women's tights from Polish manufacturer Fiore. Such a Polish product is very popular and of good quality. The presented women's tights are 15 den, i.e. the tights are already classified as thin transparent tights. They are classic and elegant smooth tights for women. Presented tights have a reinforced asset part, which provides comfort of use, so it is clearly marked. Presented women's tights can also be put on shoes with exposed toes, because they have invisible reinforcements on the toes. Offered lingerie are semi-matt tights. The tights have a very delicate and subtle shine. Such smooth tights are intimate women's underwear, ideal for both everyday and evening creations. The lingerie shop presents the Sawa model in many shades of colour, from lighter to dark, grey black and white tights. Depending on the need, we can choose the right colour for you. These can be beige women's tights, fleshy women's tights, gently tanned, or more tanned women's tights, and the most classic black women's tights. Presented tights also have many sizes to choose from. Starting with size 2 and ending with size 6. 2-4 step sizes use a cotton wedge for comfort. And in sizes 5 and 6, there is also a double wedge on the back of the panties for comfort. Presented tights have many functions. They are everyday women's underwear, which we cannot part with not only in autumn, spring and winter, but also in the summer. Depending on the thickness and colour, we can wear tights regardless of the season. The issue of styling and labeling sometimes requires that women's tights accompany each day. The lingerie shop recommends these smooth women's tights because they are a high quality Polish product from Polish manufacturer Fiore.

  • pantyhose
  • semi-matt tights
  • with a clearly marked panties part
  • Cotton wedge in sizes 3 and 4
  • double wedge in sizes 5 and 6
  • invisible reinforcements on toes

Thickness: 15 den

Crude composition: 86% Polyamide, 14% Elastan
Colour shadesWhite, Black, Ecru, Shades of brown and beige, Shades of grey and silver
Additional featuresInvisible reinforcements on fingers, Clearly marked panties
Model FioreSAWA

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