Relaxing knee-high socks Pytonki 40 DEN

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Relaxing knee-high socks Pytonki 40 DEN

Size of Tights / Stockings:Uni

Colour:Nero Beige Safari Graphite Vison

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Pytonki 40 DEN knee socks are a must-have for anyone who wants to take care of their health and comfort. These unique knee-high socks were designed for people who value a healthy lifestyle and care about their legs. Thanks to their unique design, the knee socks massage and stimulate circulation, which prevents varicose veins and reduces fatigue.

The semi-matte and opaque finish allows you to wear them not only at home, but also in public places, without worrying about unsightly marks on the skin. The high elasticity of the knee socks guarantees that they will perfectly fit any figure, and wearing them will not cause discomfort.

Pytonki knee socks are available in several shades of color, such as black, shades of brown and beige, shades of gray and silver, which allows you to choose the right color for any styling. They are not only practical, but also stylish and elegant.

If you want to take care of your legs and enjoy their health, decide to buy relaxing knee socks Pytonki 40 DEN. They simply must find their way into your closet.
Colour shadesBlack, Shades of brown and beige, Shades of grey and silver
Type of thicknessPółkryjace
TypeSmooth, Modelling
Toe finishVisible toe reinforcements
Additional featuresReinforced fingers
Type of designgładkie bez wzoru
Knittex modelPythons
Raw material composition81% polyamide, 19% elastane