Girls' tights with glitter print

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Girls' tights with glitter print

Colour:Nero Bianco Ash Jeans Rose Gold

Size:140-146 146-152 152-158

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Children's tights are an essential part of a toddler's closet. It is worth choosing those that not only provide comfort, but are also decorative and suitable for various occasions. Christmas tights with glitter dots are a great choice for little girls for special occasions such as Christmas or New Year's Eve.

The girls' tights with glitter print are made of natural raw materials such as viscose, which makes them extremely soft, warm and flexible. They offer high wearing comfort and at the same time an interesting and attractive appearance. These tights have a den 50, which means they are medium coverage and will be perfect for colder days.

Red Christmas tights are the perfect choice for a girl who wants to add a touch of Christmas atmosphere to her styling. Dots of dots with glitter give the tights a sparkle and elegance, which makes them a perfect addition to Christmas creations.

Black baby tights for New Year's Eve, on the other hand, are an option for those looking for a versatile addition to an evening outfit. The glitter print will make these tights unique and original, while they will go with many different outfits.

In conclusion, baby tights, such as those with a glitter print, are a great option for special occasions. Made of natural materials, they are soft, warm and stretchy, and their attractive design makes them a great addition to Christmas or New Year's Eve outfits. These tights are an excellent choice for any little girl who wants to feel special on those special days.
Colour shadesWhite, Black, Dark blue, Shades of red, Shades of grey and silver
Type of thicknessPółkryjace
Toe finishInvisible toe reinforcements
PantiesWithout clearly marked panties
Additional featuresNo reinforcements on fingers, Tealess
Type of designgładkie bez wzoru
Dominant materialViscose
Knittex modelTeen Angel Dust
Raw material composition80% viscose, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane
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