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Size of Tights / Stockings:2 3 4

Colour:Black Red

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Nothing pleases the pattern so much as sexy women's stockings gently stretched on shapely legs, strongly tempting and awakening the fantasy leader. The boutique offers a new model full of sex appeal and passion Vesper from Polish manufacturer Fiore. The stockings to the waist are all smooth except for the back part right under the cuff which is richly decorated with a pattern. Such smooth women's stockings with a beautiful pattern emphasizes not only this night lingerie, but also the evening creation. Smooth stockings fastened with frogs to the stockings are incredibly feminine and sexy women's stockings with which no coquettish will be created, and additionally decorated in the back with a seam stretching from the ornament to the very fingers, which will emphasize their incredible charm. Properly selected and on the pulled women's stockings will arouse admiration and meet the expectations of the most picky tastes, and that I do not write about tastes because they are different to me and more exorbitant and sophisticated it is worth noting that the boutique recommends these passionate smooth stockings to the waist for each cocktail.

  • invisible reinforcements on toes
  • belt stockings (without silicone self-supporting layer)
  • matt
  • smooth cuff
  • rich decoration in the back of the stockings with a striking ornament
  • smooth stockings

The colors:

  • Black: black stockings with a cuff and decoration
  • Red: red stockings with a cuff and decoration

Thickness: 20den

The composition: 86% Polyamide, 14% Elastan

Colour shadesBlack, Shades of red
Additional featuresFancy design, Invisible reinforcements on fingers, Suture seam in the back
Model FioreVESPER
TypeTo the belt

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