Table of cumulative discounts (thresholds calculated from 365 days)

  1. The condition for using the loyalty program is the customer's registered account in the store at https://kokietki.pl/en
  2. The loyalty program in its current form begins to operate in the Kokietki.pl store from 06.10.2019 for an indefinite period.
  3. The Kokietki.pl store system recalculates the value of the order 30 (in words: thirty) days after receiving the shipment and then assigns the Customer to the appropriate Discount Threshold.
  4. The store counts the value of all product orders (excluding shipping costs) from the last year (last 365 days - in words: three hundred and sixty-five days).
  5. The granted Threshold Discount is automatically cancelled if the Customer to whom it was granted does not make any order in the shop for 365 days.
  6. Products covered by the promotional price also count towards the Customer's turnover in the Loyalty Programme, taking into account point 7.
  7. At the time of purchase of promotional products the discount obtained from the Customer's Discount Threshold is not added to the discount that is valid in the Kokietki.pl store for the selected product, if another promotion is already valid for that selected product, because discounts do not combine and do not add up.
  8. The Threshold discount received by the Customer in the Kokietki.pl store's Loyalty Programme may be used in the manner specified in these Regulations and is not exchanged for any means of payment.
  9. The Threshold Discount obtained cannot be used to reduce the cost of delivery in Kokietki.pl store.
  10. A Threshold Discount received by a Customer in the Loyalty Programme cannot be transferred to a third party and another Customer of Kokietki.pl store.
  11. In order to check which discount threshold a Customer is in, just after logging in to the Account in Kokietki.pl shop, select the tab My cumulative discounts in the account menu. The Kokietki.pl store will present tables with available discount thresholds, and will inform you which threshold the customer is located in and how much is missing to the next threshold. Direct link after logging in click here
  12. After obtaining the Discount Threshold by the Customer, Kokietki.pl shop automatically recalculates (gross) prices of products so that they can be purchased at a reduced price. The relevant information about the change (price before discount and price after discount) is displayed next to the product, while placing an order and while browsing the offer of Kokietki.pl store for a logged-in shopper.
  13. In the case of a partial return of an order, the system will convert the actual value of the products that have been left with the customer and such value will be added to the turnover on his account. In the case of returning the entire order, the full value of the order will be cancelled from the customer's turnover in the Loyalty Program.
  14. Complaints relating to the Loyalty Program may be submitted to Kokietki.pl Shop during the Loyalty Program and 30 (in words: thirty) days after its completion. The expiry of the time limit specified in the preceding sentence does not mean that the claims have expired and does not affect the right to pursue any claims through judicial or extra-judicial proceedings. A complaint may be submitted to an e-mail address: info@kokietki.pl or by mail to Kokietki Maciej Rogulski 12d Jana Kasprowicza Street 92-781 Łódź. The entity responsible for handling the complaint is Kokietki.pl . The complaint will be considered within 14 (in words: fourteen) days from the moment of its submission, and information about the considered complaint will be forwarded to the Customer according to the choice of the communication channel the Customer wanted to receive an answer through: e-mail or traditional mail.
  15. The Kokietki.pl store reserves the right to terminate the Loyalty Programme and will inform the Client about the planned termination of the Programme at least 30 (say: thirty) days in advance by e-mail.
  16. The Kokietki.pl store reserves the right to change the Loyalty Programme Regulations without giving any reason and will inform the Customer of the planned change at least 30 (say: thirty) days in advance by e-mail.
  17. Any disputes or claims in connection with the Loyalty Programme of the Kokietki.pl store shall be settled by a common court of competent jurisdiction according to general provisions. The law applicable to these Terms and Conditions and to participation and running the Program shall be the law of the Republic of Poland, and the courts of common law in the Republic of Poland shall be the courts of common law, unless otherwise stipulated by mandatory provisions of law.
  18. If you have any questions about the Kokietki.pl Loyalty Program, please contact the store's staff by e-mail: info@kokietki.pl, by mail Kokietki Maciej Rogulski 12d 92-781 Jana Kasprowicza Street Łódź
  1. The promotion covers all Adrian products 
  2. The amount of the rebate is 10 %. 
  3. Duration of the promotion until stocks are exhausted 
  4. The promotion is not combined with other discounts available in the store

1. Organizatorem promocji pod nazwą „ BLACK FRIDAY + WEEK” jest KOKIETKI Maciej Rogulski ul. Jana Kasprowicza 12d 92-781 Łódź NIP: 727-256-49-67 Regon 100941290 .
2. Promocja działa wyłącznie na stronie internetowej sklepu pod adresem https://kokietki.pl
3. Promocja obowiązuje od 29-11-2019 godz.: 00:01 do dnia 1-12-2019 do godz.: 23:59.
4. Promocja daje możliwość skorzystania przez Klienta z promocji obniżającej cenę produktów wskazanych w podstronie: https://kokietki.pl/black-friday
5. W podstronie https://kokietki.pl/black-friday umieszczono produkty wraz z obniżonymi promocyjnymi cenami obowiązującymi w okresie promocji.
6. Promocja nie obejmuje ewentualnych kosztów dostawy do zakupionych produktów w ramach BLACK FRIDAY + WEEK.
7. Ilość produktów dostępnych w niniejszej promocji jest ograniczona.
8. Klient dokonujący zakupu za pośrednictwem sklepu internetowego jest uprawniony do odstąpienia zgodnie z odrębnymi przepisami.
9. Promocja nie narusza ani nie ogranicza praw z tytułu rękojmi.
10. Wszelkie reklamacje dotyczące promocji można zgłaszać drogą mailową info@kokietki.pl lub listownie na adres KOKIETKI Maciej Rogulski ul. Jana Kasprowicza 12d 92-781 Łódź . Reklamacje będą rozpatrywane niezwłocznie nie później niż w terminie 14 dni od daty ich zgłoszenia.