Tights 20 bottoms modeling compression supports circulation

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Tights 20 bottoms modeling compression supports circulation

Size of Tights / Stockings:2 3 4 5

Colour:Natural Tan Black Light Natural Nude

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Modeling tights have very important functions. It is not only protection for the legs, whether emphasizing their qualities with the right colour or everyday intimate lingerie, but also the purpose of this type of women's intimate lingerie, i.e. modelling the figure. The online boutique offers modeling tights from the Polish manufacturer Fiore. The presented underwear is modeling tights made of LYCRA® ENERGIZE fibres with a light compression degree of 5 - 7.9 mmHg on the entire length. The tights supporting blood circulation and giving relief to tired legs are one of the tights that not only cover our beautiful legs but also support their functioning. Modeling tights supporting blood circulation offered by the online boutique also prevent swelling and give a feeling of lightness. Presented lingerie is an intimate Comfort tights is 20 den. The offered underwear also uses Silver Flash technology, thanks to which the skin remains dry and fresh and the unpleasant problem of bacteria and fungi growth becomes a thing of the past - as the manufacturer describes. The modeling tights offered have invisible reinforcements on the fingers, a more durable structure, and a flat seam, which distinguishes this lingerie from typical women's tights. The product from the Polish manufacturer Fiore is very popular every day among coquettes, so modeling tights with a slight gradual pressure on the whole length are a great solution to support blood circulation and give relief to tired legs. The online boutique recommends modeling tights to support blood circulation, because such women's tights are a great intimate lingerie for more than one coquette.

  • Blood circulation support tights
  • tights prevent swelling
  • tights with a slight stepwise pressure of 5-7.9 mmHg over the entire length
  • modelling tights
  • flat-sutured pantyhose
  • matt tights
  • Cotton wedge in sizes 3 and 4
  • large wedge in size 5
  • invisible reinforcements on toes
  • Silver Frash technology is used
  • action confirmed by the LYCRA® LEG CARE certificate.

Thickness: 20 den

Raw material composition: 79% Polyamide, 19% Elastan, 2% Cotton.

Colour shadesShades of brown and beige, Black
TypeSmooth, Modelling
Additional featuresCirculatory support, Clearly marked panties, Invisible reinforcements on fingers
Model FioreCOMFORT
Dominant materialPolyamide

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