Children's star and princess tights

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Children's star and princess tights

Colour:Bianco Ash Cotton candy

Size:92-98 104-110 116-122 122-128

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Fashionable baby tights with stars and princess appliqué are an excellent choice for little girls who want to feel special and stylish in any situation. These girls' patterned tights made of high-quality microfiber are not only visually attractive, but also extremely comfortable and functional.

Thanks to the use of 3D technology, these tights are nice to the touch, soft and adhere well to the legs, which translates into comfort of wearing and freedom of movement. A sewn-in gusset further enhances comfort and makes the tights fit perfectly to the figure.

Available in a variety of color shades such as white, pink and gray, these tights are ideal for girls who want to look fashionable and adorable. The selection of various colors allows you to match the tights with different outfits and occasions.

If you want to buy tights for your daughter or granddaughter, do your shopping at kokietki with fast delivery. Take advantage of the convenience of online shopping and order tights straight to your home. This is a great option for parents and grandparents who want to save time and energy on shopping, while providing their little princesses with quality and comfort.

Children's tights with stars and princess applique are a unique, fashionable and comfortable choice for girls. Made of soft microfiber and available in a variety of colors, these tights are sure to please any little fashion lover.
Colour shadesWhite, Shades of pink, Shades of grey and silver
Type of thicknessPółkryjace
Toe finishInvisible toe reinforcements
PantiesWithout clearly marked panties
Additional featuresFancy design, Invisible reinforcements on fingers, Tealess
Type of designFancy design
Dominant materialPolyamide
Knittex modelQuinn
Raw material composition94% polyamide, 6% elastane

Obwód bioder42-4850-5256-5860-6264-6666-6868-7272-7676-8080-8484-88