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The boutique recommends self-supporting lace thigh bands with a pocket as an eye-catching solution for more than one cocktail. Lace thigh bands were created for women who have a thigh structure exposed to abrasions and burns, which can usually form when moving during warmer days. The correct placement of the band in the most vulnerable area reduces the risk of abrasion and thus protects the thigh from being rubbed against each other. In addition, of course, the bands can be used by ladies without such unpleasant problems, as the band has a pocket and is therefore used as a practical accessory. In addition, the legband gives the impression of imitation stockings that you don't always want to wear on hot days. The boutique recommends these practical thigh bands as comfortable thigh bands for this type of special tasks.

  • self-supporting cuff (with silicone self-supporting layer)
  • lace cuff
  • The cuff has a pocket

The composition: POLYAMIDE 90%, ELASTANE 10%
Colour shadesBlack
TypeModel, Size ++

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