Black Halloween tights in bats

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The latest collection - black Halloween tights!

The women's lingerie boutique offers the latest in women's tights inspired by Halloween. These are patterned bat tights for women. Product from Polish manufacturer Fiore.

What a crazy tights pattern!

Patterned tights will emphasize with their charm and charm not only one style. Offered bat women's tights are a model, which with its unique charm will add the expected effect of more than one styling. Clear shapes of black bats of different sizes placed on a transparent tights from a distance are very eye-catching. They give an amazing look. To be able to wear these boot tights with exposed toes, invisible toe reinforcements were used. A flat seam is used in the panties for comfort. There is no cotton wedge in size 2, which comes in sizes 3 and 4.

Bat tights are Halloween inspiration?

There are no rules or inhibitions when choosing the right style for your Halloween outfit. Here every idea is good. Every inspiration to make it happen. That's why bat tights of this kind can become an equally important part of your wardrobe to complete the whole look. The classic fit of these black tights to the classic "little black" is also a spectacular use of these women's underwear wrapped in a hint of madness!

  • black pantyhose
  • transparent pantyhose
  • patterned pantyhose
  • halloween tights in bats
  • invisible fingertips
  • without the panties being clearly marked
  • size 2 no cotton wedge
  • Cotton wedge in sizes 3 and 4

Thickness: 20 den

The composition: 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastan

Colour shadesBlack
Additional featuresTealess, Fancy design, Invisible reinforcements on fingers