Patterned tights in the heart 30 den SWEETHEART

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Oh what beautiful patterns on these tights!

Not a single Kokietka is looking for new inspirations in the comfort of her wardrobe to look as always exceptional and classy. The women's lingerie boutique then surprises with new patterns and models offered in the women's tights shop. The latest model of women's tights will conquer more than one heart. Heart-to-heart tights are the latest model of personal lingerie from Polish manufacturer Fiore. The sweet name of such personal underwear is SWEETHEART.

What's the idea - tights in hearts?

Oh yes ! Patterned tights are TOP for the upcoming autumn-winter season ! Yes, not one Kokietka is already planning, searching and replenishing her wardrobe. The women's patterned tights on offer are a lovely 30 den model that catches the heart. The decorations in the form of large and expressive hearts extend across the entire surface of these sweet tights. The patterned black pantyhose is made in 3D technology. It is a great solution to make the pantyhose fit the leg even better and emphasize beautifully feminine shapes. For comfort of wearing, a flat seam and invisible reinforcements on the toes were used. Besides, there is no cotton wedge in size 2. In sizes 3 and 4 there is a cotton wedge. Patterned ladies' tights are also available in size 5. A wide range of sizes allows you to choose the right one for each of the ladies to be beautiful and look impressive in every size.

Tights in hearts not only for bold styling!

What should I wear women's tights in patterns for? Sometimes this idea spends the nightmare of your eyes, not one coquettishly, to match them with the right outfit. It's easier than you think! Heart-shaped pantyhose fits perfectly into your everyday outfits. There will be enough extras to emphasize your self-confidence and combine such patterned tights into a coherent whole. In the autumn, 30 den tights work well with shorts, which emphasized by a belt at the waist and glittering accessories in the form of buttons will blend in lightly. High pins on the platform or boots behind the knee in combination with black tights are not the avant-garde, but an offer of bold styling. Just as lightly, but with a claw black tights to a black dress will blend in. A more avant-garde style is a red dress with black tights. Patterned tights are a great way to emphasize your confidence, which is why the women's lingerie boutique offers these black tights in hearts. It's always worth experimenting with bold styles like the proposition and red dress black tights or black tights for a black dress look unbelievable and with a claw.

  • patterned pantyhose

  • pantyhose

  • invisible reinforcements on toes

  • flat stitching

  • Tights without pantyhose (uniform waist design)

  • matt tights

  • tights made in 3D technology

  • for size 2 without a cotton wedge

  • for size 3.4 cotton wedge

  • for size 5 an additional large wedge at the back

Thickness: 30 den

The composition: 88% Polyamide, 12% Elastan

Colour shadesBlack
Additional featuresFancy design, Invisible reinforcements on fingers, Tealess