Black women's pantyhose 30 bottoms in rhombuses

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Let's put on a pattern in our new checkered tights!

Loved, worn especially in the autumn-winter period ladies' tights they're making a fuss about what a knife with new patterns. Online boutique with women's underwear offers one of the latest collection of women's underwear model rhombus tights. Yeah, that's how this time we're betting on geometry. Checkered tights from the Polish factory are one of the most fashionable models available. It is called ROCKABILLY - elegant, but with a claw such checkered tights.

Such tights in bars - classic or avant-garde?

Patterned ladies' tights This is an element that we encounter on the streets every day in our everyday work or school styles. Not a single Kokietka, wanting to emphasize her individual style, is focused on innovative design and patterned tights. Then he can go crazy in pantyhose and pick one. black checked tights. Offered by online boutique Romba tights are a high quality hosiery product with a thickness of 30 den. To make the tights fit the leg even better and adhere beautifully to it, they were made in 3D technology from the highest quality yarn. This gives a comfortable feeling because tights They fit nicely and are gentle and nice to the touch. The comfortable use of a flat seam, especially in the panties, is an additional advantage of these rhombus tights. These black tights are offered in sizes from 2 to 5 where each Kokietka can choose the right size for itself.

Patterned tights in practicaldiamond t ights and in fashion?

Oh yes! Checkered tights are a great idea for a new style. Practical patterned tights with an innovative look will certainly enhance the look of the most classic style. The 30 bottom tights gently cover the legs and the pattern emphasizes their shape. In fashion, it's important to combine styles and textures in a striking way, and it's worth experimenting and investing in patterned tights. The most classic combination is a smooth black skirt, a white shirt and a waist belt. Glittering accessories must not be forgotten! Glittering accessories and just such checkered tights combined with the shuttles is the quintessence of style and a striking look. However, our proposal is a subdued and very classic combination of pattern and smoothness. One of the bold worlds is therefore worth thinking about a more avant-garde combination. Arrange the styling in such a way as to stand out and accentuate with the addition of peas or stripes. checkered tights. The ladies' lingerie boutique recommends these checkered tights as an innovative approach to styling.

  • patterned pantyhose

  • checkered tights

  • invisible reinforcements on toes

  • flat stitching

  • Tights without pantyhose (uniform waist design)

  • matt tights

  • tights made in 3D technology

  • for size 2 without a cotton wedge

  • for size 3.4 cotton wedge

  • for size 5 an additional large wedge at the back

Thickness: 30 den

The composition: 88% Polyamide, 12% Elastan

Colour shadesBlack
Additional featuresTealess, Fancy design, Grid, Invisible reinforcements on fingers