Melange red checked pantyhose 40 den

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Such melancholy checkered tights!

Patterned tights Women's clothes are great to complement, especially when it's cold and salty outside the window. Patterned pantyhose will liven up your look and highlight its qualities. There are many models of tights available in the online shop, including checked tights. Among them is a model of melange checked tights. A high quality product from Polish manufacturer Fiore as one of the models from the latest collection. Checked tights are lingerie with a very innovative look. This time we focus on pattern and colour.

How about a red checked melange pantyhose?

The melange pantyhose offered by women are 40 den. The lingerie has a unique look of a combination of melange and red. The light grey shade blends nicely with red, which makes the pattern contrasting and expressive. Checkered tights offered by the shop are made of microfibre. The tights have a comfortable pull off and invisible reinforcements on fingers. Additionally, they have a clearly marked panties part.You can choose the right size for you, starting from 2 and ending with size 5. Clear pattern makes them look impressive and with a claw these cut tights.

Checkered pantyhose is a hit?

Checkered tights are a great solution when we are looking for a revival among the gloomy, autumn or winter days. With our outfit we want to emphasize our great humor, charm and smile. Red in the presented checkered tights is a warm and lively shade. The combination of vivid red with melange colour of tights is a nice contrast to each other. Here, choosing the right outfit we have a wide range of colors to choose from. We do not have to close in the autumn dark colours, it is worth betting on beige and grey, where melange Tight tights will complete our entire styling vision. Let's experiment, let's act like a tuxedo is a great way to bring your hairstyle to life.

  • patterned pantyhose

  • pantyhose

  • invisible reinforcements on toes

  • flat stitching

  • a clearly marked brief

  • matt tights

  • microfibre tights

  • for size 2 without a cotton wedge

  • for size 3.4 cotton wedge

  • for size 5 an additional large wedge at the back

Thickness: 40 den

Composition : 40% Polyamide 39% Polyester 15% Elastan 6% Polypropylene

Colour shadesShades of grey and silver
Additional featuresFancy design, Grid, Invisible reinforcements on fingers, Clearly marked panties
Model FioreTWIST