Smooth women's pantyhose 20 bottom garter pattern

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Women's tights are everyday women's underwear in a dressing room in not one coquettish, so it's worth choosing different patterns to not shine with something new. Patterned tights with a more or less bold pattern will highlight and add spice to your style. The online boutique presents the Secret model from Polish manufacturer Fiore. These Secret women's tights, as the name suggests, are women's underwear, with a mysterious message. Secret women's tights are graceful tights. Seemingly ordinary smooth tights, however, they hide a certain surprise located on the thigh. They have a pattern of a charming garter with butterflies at the back. So when you put these types of tights under your skirt, you cover up a secret and have an additional hidden surprise on top. Charming butterfly garters are an element that will emphasize and add charm and charm to our style. The tights offered by the online boutique are smooth and matt, and in sizes 3 and 4 a cotton wedge in the crotch is used for comfort and wear. The tights offered by the online boutique are 20 den. In addition, the offered underwear has invisible reinforcements on the toes, so you can also put this model on shoes with open toes. Secret tights from the Polish manufacturer Fiore are women's underwear with delicate claws, so the online boutique recommends these women's tights for each cocktail to add a touch of delicate spice.

  • Smooth tights
  • pantyhose
  • matt tights
  • garter-like tights
  • without the panties being clearly marked
  • Cotton wedge in sizes 3 and 4
  • invisible reinforcements on toes

Thickness: 20 den

The composition: 88% Polyamide, 12% Elastan
Colour shadesBlack
Additional featuresPanties panties / thongs, Invisible reinforcements on fingers, Fancy design
Obsessive modelSecred