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And what about the latest model of smooth transparent women's tights with red hearts? The online boutique meets the expectations of chignons, so we present very romantic black tights with hearts. Presented black tights are transparent with a thickness of 15 den. Patterned tights have an amazing pattern, located just above the ankle in the front of the calf, and they are red hearts. The black tights with red hearts look beautiful. The red colour is striking and the tights are eye-catching. The offered lingerie is produced by the Polish manufacturer Fiore. The Blind Date model will ignite our senses and emphasize not one style. Sometimes one look at such a pattern will make us the centre of attention. Black tights have a comfortable welt and flat seam in the panties. The smoothness of the pantyhose can also be felt on the buttocks due to the fact that they do not have a clearly marked panties section. Presented black tights in the heart, we can also put on the shoes with an open toe, because the invisible toe reinforcement is used here, which will also make us wear such tights. In sizes 3 and 4 a cotton wedge is used for comfort. These are the black tights in the heart. Blind Date is a timeless model with a cool, eye-catching design. Heart Tights is a pattern that will not only work in moments of momentary love rapture, but can also be a great gift for Valentine's Day, for example, to convey your emotions with such impressive heart tights. Black tights for Valentine's Day is a great idea, that's why this kind of tights in hearts is recommended by an online boutique for every cocktail.

  • patterned pantyhose
  • pantyhose
  • matt tights
  • black pantyhose
  • pantyhose
  • without the panties being clearly marked
  • Cotton wedge in sizes 3 and 4
  • double wedge for size 5
  • invisible reinforcements on your fingers

Thickness: 15 den

86% Polyamide, 12% Elastan, 2% Polypropylene
Colour shadesBlack
Additional featuresInvisible reinforcements on fingers, Fancy design