Tights like stockings with stitching TABOO Fiore 20den

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The rich ornaments in deep red and black, which go into a graceful seam at the back of the leg, are the first to be seen. This is how the Taboo tights model covers you with a mist of mystery. Now nobody can guess how much strength and fragility you have.

Patterned tights with a comfortable welt and flat seam. Cotton wedge in sizes 3 and 4. Invisibly reinforced fingertip.

86% Polyamide, 12% Elastan, 2% Polypropylene
Colour shadesBlack, Shades of brown and beige
Additional featuresFancy design, Invisible reinforcements on fingers, Suture seam in the back, Imitating stockings
Model FioreTABOO
Dominant materialPolyamide