Suture and dotted 20den tights.

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The online boutique has another novelty for its cocktails, these are very intimate women's pantyhose. Presented women's tights are a high quality product from Polish manufacturer Fiore. The women's tights are 20 den. It is a very popular and at the same time incredibly elegant design. Presented women's tights have a seam in the back of the tights, starting from the finger and ending just below the buttocks. In addition, the whole surface of the offered tights is decorated with tiny dots located near you. This creates an amazing pattern, which will emphasize women's legs beautifully. Women's tights are intimate lingerie, which we wear almost every day. The online boutique presents a model, which with its appearance tempts and falls into the tastes of many cocktails. Offered tights have invisible reinforcements on the fingers and do not have a clearly marked panties part, so presented tights can also be worn to very short skirts or shorts. The women's tights are dotted additionally finished with a seam cutting the whole and length of the tights. Very intriguing and intimate model of these elegant and clawed tights for women. This is what dotted tights with stitching through the online boutique are presented. In this model there are two color versions of the tights presented. This is the colour version, in which the smooth part of the tights is rope-coloured, i.e. flesh-coloured, and the accessories boss and dots are in black. In the second version in the colour black the whole part of the tights is in black together with the dots and the seam also in black. Then the combination of the patterned part of the tights with the smooth part is very delicate and subtle and underlines their sexy and intimate look. Online boutique you recommend INTRIGUE model from Polish manufacturer Fiore, because they are very nice dotted tights with stitching.

  • tights with stitching
  • dotted tights
  • matt tights
  • without the panties being clearly marked
  • Cotton wedge in sizes 3 and 4
  • invisible reinforcements on toes

Thickness: 20 bottom


Linen : flesh-coloured pantyhose - linen, dots and black
seam Black: pantyhose and seam with dots in black

Raw material composition: 88% Polyamide, 12% Elastan.

Colour shadesBlack, Shades of brown and beige
Additional featuresFancy design, Invisible reinforcements on fingers, Suture seam in the back, Dots of peas
Dominant materialPolyamide