High condition corset tights 20den

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Women's underwear is also slimming tights, which have a very important function in the dressing room. They are designed to slimming down the body's thrust and to fit the body properly. That is why the lingerie boutique presents the latest slimming tights from the Polish manufacturer Fiore is a High Waist Bikini 20 den model. High Waist tights are often called corset tights. Presented slimming tights are a high quality product. High Waist Tights are designed to slim down the waist and part of the belly. Functional tights have a high condition reaching under the bust and finished at the top with an elastic band. On the inside of the elastic band there is a silicone strip of self-supporting layer which allows to keep the tights in high condition in the right place. The panties in these slimming tights are of the bikini type. The women's tights have a delicate sheen, so they are semi-matt. Presented tights are 20 den. The presented slimming tights with a high level of condition are made of Silver Fresh technology, a technology thanks to which the skin remains dry and fresh and the unpleasant problem of development of bacteria and fungi becomes a thing of the past - this is how the manufacturer describes it. Slimming tights with high condition - corset tights are a great solution for women who want to improve their stomach line appearance, that is why the lingerie boutique recommends these tights with high condition - corset tights. Functional tights are a convenient and quick solution to slim the waist and belly.

  • slimming tights
  • high-performance tights
  • bellyline correction pantyhose
  • waist-slimming tights
  • flat-sutured pantyhose
  • semi-matt tights
  • Cotton wedge in sizes 3 and 4
  • invisible reinforcements on toes
  • Silver Frash technology is used

Thickness: 20 den

Raw material composition: 79% Polyamide, 19% Elastan, 2% Cotton

Colour shadesBlack, Shades of brown and beige
TypeSmooth, Modelling
Additional featuresPanties panties / thongs, Invisible reinforcements on fingers, Slimming, None