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Women's stockings for waist is a model offered by the lingerie shop. The stockings of Polish manufacturer Fiore model Provoke are waist stockings which were inspired by Vintage styles. The stockings look sensual and elegant. The seam in the back of the stockings stretches from the thighs to the heel, where it splits into two lines and pulls up to the fingers. Such sexy underwear will cause your beloved's heart to beat strongly. Emphasizing a woman's foot sensually illustrates the delicate and stylish look of these stockings. The lingerie shop recommends these women's stockings to the waist as a spectacular and sensual stitching. Waist-linen stockings with vertical stitching are lingerie you should have in your wardrobe.

  • reinforcements on the fingers (not very visible)
  • belt stockings (without silicone self-supporting layer)
  • matt
  • smooth cuff
  • transparent stockings

The colors:

  • Linen: black seam on light-coloured linen stockings
  • Black: black stitching on black stockings

Thickness: 20den
Composition: Polyamide 88%, Elastan 12%

Colour shadesBlack, Shades of brown and beige
TypeTo the belt
Additional featuresInvisible reinforcements on fingers, Suture seam in the back, Reinforced fingers
Model FiorePROVOKE