Silver pins on the platform large size high heels

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Mirroring metallic glosspins on 16 cm heel!

The online women's shoe boutique presents one of the latest models of women's shoes in the form of silver pins on the platform. The offered women's silver pins are made of lacquered ecological leather. The mirror pins have a beautiful metallic shine. The painted pins on the platform reflect the incredible world around them. In these shoes you can look around. The offered pins on the platform are made of eco leather. The mirror pins have an open nose. This allows you to present beautiful female nails. The high pins on the platform have a slender 16 cm high heel. The platform under toes is about 6 cm high. This combination in these women's shoes on the platform optically slenderize the figure.

Are the silver pins on the platform stylish shoes?

Silver pins on the shoe platform, which we can wear for many styles. Such stylish shoes are not only the pins on the platform high for a date or other special occasions. These stylish shoes look cool and look fantastic thanks to the mirror image. Silver pins are shoes that can often be found as a complement to wedding dresses. Often the brides depart from the stereotype of white heels to emphasize their unique style, they choose Mirror silver pins. They present them as wedding shoes. This is an innovative approach that works in the current reality of fashion. The silver pins offered on the platform are sexy pins. They look fantastic and shine beautifully thanks to the mirror image.

Silver pins available in large sizes 41, 42, 43, 44!

The online boutique offers silver pins on the platform in large sizes. The large sizes available from this model are 41 pins on the platform, 42 pins on the platform, 43 pins on the platform and 44 pins on the platform. Therefore, these shoes are great to highlight and add charm by choosing the right size for you. Every cocktail loves to shine, so the online boutique recommends these silver pins on the platform.

ColourGrey, silver
Heel height - cm16
Platform conquest - cm6
Dominant designNo formula
Shoe typeShoes on the platform
Nose typeOpen toe
Clasp typeSlide-in shoes
External materialOrganic skin
Type of glossMirroring / Metalized
Additional featuresPainted, Metallic
FashionThe classic
Shoe size41424344
Insert length26,527,52829