Red pins on platform erotic high heels boots

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The tall red pins on the platform with a strap are shoes that just look at your knees and it gets hot right away. Red sandals on the platform are very desirable shoes not only for summer women's shoes, but also for special occasions. The online boutique with high women's heels presents one of the latest models in the online shop. Red lacquered ladies' pins on the platform. This is what we can say about these shoes. Offered pins have a high slim heel about 19 cm high. The platform under toes is about 9 cm high. The combination of a high shapely pin with a platform under toes gives the impression that the legs have no end in them. The shoes are made of lacquered ecological leather. They have a beautiful gloss and shine, thanks to which these shoes on the platform stand out from typical red pins. The heel and part of the platform under the toes is in golden mirror colour. The pin and this strap on the platform shines beautifully and reflects light. It goes well with the intense red colour in these sandals. The painted red pins on the platform have high heels. That's why it's worth putting on these shoes not only for these special occasions, but when we want to emphasize our style. Women's pins are worth recommending. Many women's coquettes already have such or similar model of their wardrobe. So it is worth to get another pair of red pins on the platform. The size range is 35 pins on the platform and 40 pins on the platform ends with 40 pins. Red sandals are shoes that can also be found on social media photos and fashion blogs. One of the most popular shoes that attract attention. They are characterized by a beautiful red colour and high heels. Online boutique you recommend red sandals on the platform with a strap in the ankle, because they are erotic women's shoes, which attracts attention with confidence.

Heel height - cm19
Platform conquest - cm9
Dominant designNo formula
Shoe typeShoes on the platform
Nose typeOpen toe
Clasp typeClamper
External materialOrganic skin
Type of glossVarnishes
Additional featuresPainted
FashionThe classic
Shoe size35363738394041
Insert length22,5232424,525,52626,5

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