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In every women's wardrobe you can probably find your favourite pins or boots for so-called "special occasions" with a sophisticated and sexy look, or there are already pink pins waiting on the platform. The online boutique presents glasses - high pins on the platform. The shoes offered by the online shop are incredibly high 18 cm high pins with a full sexy look for women's shoes. The pins offered have a high heel. Their heel - the pin is about 18 cm high and additionally there is an 8 cm high platform under the toes. The whole makes the shoes are very high and have a unique female look. The element that makes this model look good is a transparent platform and a pin. These shoes look like women's glass shoes. With such women's shoes you certainly can't pass up the mark. Pink pink pins, you can trust them - hot. The pink pins on the platform are women's sandals. The top of the shoes is made of matt fabric. The fabric is ecological suede. The pins in this part are pink with a delicate but very expressive colour. The ankle pins have a buckle. Pink pink pins with a strap, give the possibility of a proper fit. You can then tighten the strap accordingly, so that these tall glass pins hold on to your feet well. To emphasize their feminine appearance, the offered pins have exposed toes. Then we can present beautiful feminine fingernails. Pink suede "glasses" pink pins are stylish women's shoes with a sexy look. The wow effect that warms up the atmosphere is a transparent platform and high slim heel. Such a transparent heel gives the impression that there is no end to it and measures up to 18 cm. The pins on the platform with a belt are women's shoes for so-called special occasions with a sophisticated look, which is recommended by the online boutique as a caressing element of the women's wardrobe, which will probably stimulate not only some senses.

Heel height - cm18
Platform conquest - cm8
Dominant designNo formula
Shoe typeShoes on the platform
Nose typeOpen toe
Clasp typeClamper
External materialGreen suede
Type of glossMatt
Additional featuresNone
FashionThe classic
Shoe size35363738394041
Insert length22,5232424,525,52626,5

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