Purple silver brocade ombre pins

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The boutique presents very neat ladies' shoes - ombre pins. The pins offered are glittering women's ombre shoes. The stylish shoes are in purple and silver. The ombre shading starts on the heel, where the colour of the alarm clock is silver and comes up to the nose, where the part remains in violet. Presented pins look very tempting and impressive. Shoes shine and shine under the influence of light, which makes them look very sexy and unique. As stylish shoes ombre pins are a model that will attract special attention. It is impossible to pass by these feminine shoes indifferently and not pay attention to them. The shoes presented by the boutique are additionally decorated on the nose with stones forming a flower. The stones are plastic and transparent. They look like ice icicles, which beautifully emphasizes their appearance. Presented ladies' shoes are shoes with a unique look. Such stylish shoes will emphasize not only a single styling, both for special occasions and for everyday wear. Elegant glitter pins will add charm and attract attention. The boutique recommends these purple silver ombre pins. In addition, please note that ombre shading can be different in shoes, so one shoe can be different from another. This does not change the fact that the pins look fantastic. Such fantastic pins are a recommendable model. Ombre pins are the hit of the coming season.
Heel height - cm10
Dominant designOmbre
Shoe typePin boots
Nose typePointed
Clasp typeSlide-in shoes
External materialGlitter / glittering material
Type of glossGentle shine
Additional featuresKokard
Shoe size35363738394041
Insert length22,5232424,525,52626,5

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