Cobalt blue glitter pins boots

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Cobalt pins shimmering in the light oh so are those cool shoes offered by the boutique ! The cocktails present navy blue pins with a beautiful penetrating shine because they are shoes made of glitter material. Cobalt pins look amazing. Their impressive appearance also consists of a shapely high pin and a nose into a pin. The high cobalt pins are shoes that gracefully attract attention. Beautiful shoes are the base in the women's wardrobe and cobalt shoes look wonderful with more than one styling. Broken pins are not only shoes for New Year's Eve or parties, brocade shoes are cool shuttles which can be added to an evening outfit to gently shine and subtly emphasize its exclusive and elegant look. The cocktails recommend these navy blue pins because cool shoes in a women's wardrobe are a lot of inspiration for a cool look.
ColourDark blue
Heel height - cm11
Dominant designNo formula
Shoe typePin boots
Nose typePointed
Clasp typeSlide-in shoes
External materialGlitter / glittering material
Type of glossGentle shine
Additional featuresNone
Shoe size35363738394041
Insert length22,5232424,525,52626,5

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