Black flip-flops on the flip-flops anchorages

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The boutique presents black flip-flops. Presented flip-flops are the flip-flops on the back. The flip flops on the back of the flip flops will emphasize more than one style due to the fact that they are higher than typical flat flip-flops. Offered flip-flops have a 6 cm high curtain and a platform under the fingers, which measures about 3 cm. They are made of plastic foam type, which under pressure adapts very well to the foot. Presented black flip flops are flip-flops with character. Apart from the fact that the platform and part of the straps are in black, they are beautifully decorated with a floral bouquet of shades of blue, violet arranged on the flip flop straps. This looks crazy in combination with the remaining black part of the flip flops. Black flip flops on the flip flop straps are a model that we can recommend for any style. These are typical summer boots, which look beautiful on the leg of not one flip flop. Black flip-flops can also be used as home flip-flops. The boutique recommends these black flip-flops because black flip-flops are a model of shoes that never goes out of fashion and looks crazy.

Heel height - cm6
Platform conquest - cm3
Dominant designNo formula
Shoe typeShoes on the hook
Nose typeOpen toe
Clasp typeSlide-in shoes
External materialOther fabric
Type of glossMatt
Additional featuresPompon
Shoe size35363738394041
Insert length22,5232424,525,52626,5

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