Buttock-slimming tights 40 den

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Buttock-slimming tights 40 den

Size of Tights / Stockings:2 3 4

Colour:Tan Black Light Natural Graphite

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Tights Fiore PRESS UP are modeling buttock-slimming tights with a density of 40 DEN. They are available in three color shades: black, gray and silver, as well as brown and beige. The tights have invisible toe reinforcements and a semi-matte finish for a discreet and elegant finish.

The tights are made of polyamide with microfiber, which provides a pleasant touch to the skin and effectively supports the effect of slimming the silhouette, correcting the line of the hips and raising the line of the buttocks. Thanks to Silver Fresh technology, the skin remains dry and fresh for a long time, and the unpleasant problem of bacterial and fungal growth becomes a thing of the past.
Women buy Press Up tights to slim and lift their buttocks because they often want to improve their figure and feel more confident in their bodies. Press Up tights offer discreet correction of the hip line and lift the buttocks, which can help expose a woman's figure. The Fiore PRESS UP tights are an ideal choice for women who want to feel more confident and expose their figure in a stylish and elegant way. This model is also recommended for women who lead an active lifestyle, as the tights stay in place and do not slip off during intense movement.

It is also worth noting that Press Up tights are often seen as more comfortable and practical than traditional corsets or slimming belts. Thanks to the fact that these tights are comfortable and easy to wear, they can become a permanent part of the closet of any woman who wants to feel more confident and expose her figure in an elegant and stylish way.

Colour shadesBlack, Shades of grey and silver, Shades of brown and beige
Type of thicknessPółkryjace
Toe finishInvisible toe reinforcements
PantiesReinforced panties section
Additional featuresInvisible reinforcements on fingers, Push-Up, Clearly marked panties, Slimming
Type of designgładkie bez wzoru
Model FiorePRESS UP
Dominant materialPolyamide
Raw material composition80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane